Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Importance of Keeping Going...

I started my journey making jewellery not so long ago, although I studied jewellery years ago. It was my syster Aris who gave me a new rush of inspiration to introduce myself to the world of arts and craft again. Thanks Aris!

Firstly, I consulted different friends in the areas of business, crafts, public relations and there have been some worrying warnings about starting your own business.

However, I'm giving it all the time and energy I can spare at the moment. Meaning, I'm certainly not quitting the day job just yet.

Like most things once started, the enthusiasm was high, my creativity in full swing. I have been attending craft fairs and this usually takes most of my Saturdays, which is really tiring, but nobody said it would be easy.

This week I have finally taken time to upload photographs of some of my favourite pieces and I'm currently working on new designs that I will be sharing with you soon.

Firstly, some designs in turquoise:

Next, lapis lazuli, another beautiful and warm blue stone:

I also had a go at making a necklace in the same stone:

I've also experimented with jade:

White jasper...

Blue amethyst...

A combination of jade and turquoise:

Some combinations of beautiful glass beads from Swarovski and golden suns from south of the border (and I don't mean Watford!):

Some designs using hematite, a black shiny stone with a fabulous metallic sheen:

And finally, these amazing drops of white quartz with jade:

Friday, 16 November 2012

This is me

Hi everyone, let's start by introducing myself and tell you a little bit about me; my name is Yazury and I make jewellery.  I'm a Venezuelan born and bred, who by the curiosities that happen in life, ended up living in England. I have been here for more than 10 years and counting...

Since an early age I have loved fashion; jewellery, shoes, bags, you name it, all with bold colours, strong patterns, clashing prints, which remind me of the colours and fantastic chaos of Latin America.

Among the things I have studied are: glass fusion, sculpture; jewellery, interior design and languages.

In my blog I will be telling you more and more about me and sharing the different things that I'm passionate about but what I really want to share with you are my creations.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Chocolate Inspiration

An evening of wine and chocolate inspiration around these white Jasper stones.

Setting Up

It's been a few months now since I have been creating and playing with jewels and stones, adapting my skills, learning new ones and taking inspiration from my friends and family at home in Venezuela, and finally I am here, ready to share some of my designs...

This is a Lapis Lazuli, it's a beautiful warm blue stone with so much texture and shine. The colour makes me feel happy, I just need the sunshine. According to the Ancient Greeks it has properties that enable your creativity...

I love this combination of Jasper with a smooth white Quartz. Simple and elegant.